Basic architecture models

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Basic architecture models by Mind Map: Basic architecture models

1. Client-Server

1.1. Classical one

2. 3-Tier

2.1. Introduce middleware

2.2. Tiers

2.2.1. Presentation tier Front-end

2.2.2. Application tier Business logic Middle tier Data access

2.2.3. Data tier Database systems etc

2.3. Similar to MVC but different topologically

3. N-tier

3.1. Use custom request flow

4. Clustered

4.1. Connected systems

4.2. Work like a single system

4.3. Attributes

4.3.1. Load balancing

4.3.2. Data sharing

4.3.3. Message passing, replication

5. Peer-to-peer

5.1. No special machines like servers

5.2. Part of peer resouces is being used

5.3. Concept

5.3.1. Overlay on network topology

5.3.2. Content usually exchanged directly via IP protocol

5.4. Types

5.4.1. Pure All resources have the same strength

5.4.2. Hybrid Exist supernodes

5.4.3. Centralized

5.5. Underlying principles

5.5.1. Distributed hash tables Used even in torrents

6. Space-based

6.1. Linear scalability

6.2. Follows many pronciples of REST, SOA, Event-Driven Architecture

6.3. Use Shared-Nthing architecture

6.3.1. each node is independent

6.3.2. no single point of contention