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Distributed systems by Mind Map: Distributed systems
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Distributed systems

Standart problems

Atomic commit

Protocols, 2PC (2-phase commit), commit request, send request to all cohorts and get all replies, cohorts try to execute, write undo and redo logs, each cohort creates aggreement message, commit/completion phase, Success, Commit message to all cohorts, Cohorts complete all operations, unlock, Acknowledge messages to coordinator, Coordinator completes transaction, Failure, Rollback message, Each cohort undoes transaction using undo log, Each cohort sends acknowledgement message to coordinator, 3PC (3-phase commit), Disadvantage, Non-recoverable, Failures should be done by other tools, commit request, commit authorized/precommit, preCommit and ACK back, finalizing/commit, doCommit and haveCompleted back


Protocol, Termination, every correct process decides some value., Validity, if all processes propose the same value v, then every correct process decides v, Integrity, every correct process decides at most one value, and if it decides some value v, then v must have been proposed by some process, Aggreement, if a correct process decides v, then every correct process decides v.

Leader election

Algorithms, Key concepts, Transfer to leader should be economical (in terms of transmit bytes and time), Gallager, Humblet, and Spira, best, general for all undirected graphs, finds node with min flow from anothers

Mutual exclusion

Concept, No 2 processes or threads can be in their ccritical selection at the same time

Solutions (both hardware and software), Busy-wait, Locks, Monitors, CAS


Models, Transactional, State machine, Deterministic finite automaton, Virtual synchrony, Concept: process group, checkpoints, On checkpoints states are being replicated

In life, Database, Master-slave, listeners, Master-master, sync, async, WAL XLOGs, Disk storage, rsync, Batch replication, TCP 873, Native rsync protocol, Algorithm, Chunks, each file is being broken into chunks, Each has 2 checksums, MD5 (strong), Rolling hash (weak)

Resource allocation

Problem, Assing available res in an economic way, Used in strategic planning

Concepts, Resouce leveling (like priorities)

Algorithms, Scheduling, Math, Minimizing total duration


Spanning tree, MSP, Prim algorithm

Data streams


Concept, Based on message queues, Determine priorities of messages, Good for transactions-when-they-happen cocept

Pros & Cons, Pros, Instant, Fast feedback, New sources can come on-line and push new notifications, Cons, Massive sets of transaction, Big data flow, Can't establish context


Concept, Require data procssing, Data flow isn;t really necessary

Pros & Cons, Pros, Get what you want when you need, Min flow, Cons, Always attached to a source

Pull On Demand