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Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship

1. Don't use an obvious password

1.1. Not 123, abc, abc123 etc.

1.2. Use letters,numbers and symbols

1.3. Not your name, name of your pet etc.

2. Digital Ettiquette

2.1. Always think about what you have written before you press send or post.

2.1.1. On all social networking sites Twitter Facebook

2.1.2. When sending an email

2.1.3. When on a blog.

2.2. Be Polite

2.2.1. Say please and thankyou Don't say I need to buy that ... from you pronto

2.3. Don't swear

2.3.1. Not *&^%$#@#$^&*(

3. Digital Acess

3.1. Password protection

3.1.1. Make sure you don't type your password into the username box! People could see the password and login

3.1.2. never tell anyone your passwords Not even your best friend.

3.2. Bullying

3.2.1. treat people the way you want to be treated

3.2.2. Don't harrase people on the web New node

3.2.3. Don't use bad words to presuade people

3.3. Language

3.3.1. No foul language no cussing no swearing