Polarized Political Landscape

Mindmap - Updated on 12/12

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Polarized Political Landscape by Mind Map: Polarized Political Landscape

1. Emergence of social uprisings among the population

1.1. Decreased unity among employees and damaged corporate culture at IT company

1.2. Increased crime rates

1.2.1. Infrastructure destruction Loss of IT physical property Loss of intellectual property

1.2.2. Business interruption

1.2.3. IT infrastructure destruction Loss of intellectual property Innovation setbacks

1.2.4. Protests and riots Less people purchasing IT products/services

1.3. Increased monitoring of online conversations

1.3.1. Increase use of IT products/services

1.3.2. Decrease use of IT products/services Decrease in IT sales

2. Increased lobbying from IT company

2.1. Rent-seeking neglects the economy growth

2.1.1. Inefficient use of government resources focused on IT policies

2.1.2. Potential infringement on the right of free speech (Corruption)

2.2. Forcing legislative change for the good of the public while saving tax payers money

3. Increased Government scrutiny into merger

3.1. Anti-trust laws are strengthened

3.1.1. Less mergers and acquisitions take place in the IT industry

4. IT company is found to have violated anti-trust laws

4.1. IT company pays fine

4.2. IT company forced to break up merger

4.3. Damaged reputation

4.3.1. Decreased consumer confidence Decreased sales

4.3.2. Top talent leaves IT company Decreased innovation Decreased sales

5. Demand for IT products & services increases

5.1. Increased revenue for IT company

5.1.1. More money for resources, advertising, and salaries (attracting talent)

5.2. More top talent needed to meet demand

5.2.1. IT company increases salaries to attract top talent Competition for talent is too high IT company has trouble attracting top talent Possibility of talent leaving for more lucrative deals with competitors Increased/varied benefits attracts top talent

5.2.2. IT company invests in larger office space to accommodate new top talent

5.3. Increased innovation

5.3.1. Increased vulnerability and likelihood of intellectual property theft Increased competition from Chinese companies selling at lower prices Loss of sales for US tech companies in foreign markets

6. War for talent increases

6.1. Unemployment decreases

6.2. Increased applicants to IT jobs

6.2.1. More jobs created within IT sector Increase in investments into IT IT market becomes driving force in ecomony for country Introduction of new technologies Increased demand for new technology

7. Geographic sorting

7.1. Decrease in diversity in communities

7.1.1. Decrease in moderate politics Increase in extreme political views Decrease in collaboration between parties

8. Social media sorting

8.1. Decrease in diversity of thought

8.2. Decrease in collaboration among users

8.2.1. Decrease in realistic understanding of political landscape

8.3. Increase in social media "bubbles"

8.3.1. Increase acceptance of the position that one individual's beliefs are the beliefs of all Increase in self-righteousness Increase in political extremism

8.3.2. Increase in complacency Decrease in voting Decrease in political activism

9. Increase in variety of hate speeches

9.1. Increase in social discussion forums

9.1.1. Increase in separation of social identities

10. Increase in country's diversity

10.1. Increase in globalization

10.1.1. IT company expands its operations to other global markets

11. Increase in bias in news media

11.1. Poor media regulations

12. Increase in social media use

12.1. Increase innovation in social media platforms

12.1.1. IT company develops analtyical software to measure consumer behaviour on social media. IT company sells software to businesses IT company makes more revenue

12.1.2. IT company recieves increased traffic from social channels IT company increases ad spend on social channels

13. Increase in media news

13.1. Increase in bias coverage in news media

13.1.1. Decrease in diversity of thought Decrease in production Decrease in products being made Decrease in creativity Decrease in products being made Decrease in innovation Decrease in products being made

13.1.2. Decrease in a "full picture" view Decrease in decision making abilities Increase in confusion amongst country's and global population

13.1.3. Increase in individual opinions Damaged corporate culture at IT company

13.1.4. Decrease in finding trustworthy and reliable sources

13.2. Increase in social media usage

13.2.1. Increase in opinion statements Decrease in factual news being discussed Increased circulation of fake news Increase in opportunity for IT company to problem solve (sentiment analysis products, ex)

14. Decrease in collaboration amongst political leaders

14.1. Decrease in effective policy changes/introductions

14.1.1. Decrease in government resource spending Decrease in innovation Decrease in new product development Decrease in profits Increase in corporate R&D spending

14.1.2. Increase in policy limitations against IT company Increase in legal resources needs Increase in cost of operations Decrease in ability to globalize products

14.1.3. Decrease in ability to implement IT solutions in country

14.2. Decrease in global trade

14.2.1. Decrease in global sales for IT company

14.2.2. Increase in need for regionalized IT resources Increased cost of talent Increased footprint (human and physical locations) Decreased appetite for global solutions/products Decrease in bottom line profits

14.2.3. Harm to supply chain sources and relations Decreased productivity Decreased IT sales

15. Impeachment of Top Political Leader

15.1. Increase in political unrest

15.2. Decrease in impactful policies

15.3. Proof of criminal activity

15.4. Vice President will be appointed as top political leader

16. Decrease in household spending

16.1. Decrease in technology usage

16.1.1. Decrease in bottom line profits for IT company

16.2. Increase in new consumer needs

16.2.1. Increase in opportunity for new solution development Increase in corporate R&D spend

16.3. Demand for new innovations

16.4. Impact on business model

17. Increased protest on global warming

17.1. Voluntary emissions reductions

17.1.1. Regulated amountes of pollutants such as methane, black carbon and hydrofluorocarbons Many Republicans, including President Trump, notoriously repeal these environmental regulations

17.1.2. Improving public health

17.1.3. Reducing global warming

17.2. Issue of carbon tax

17.2.1. Raises energy bill for consumers

17.2.2. Mitigates climate change

17.2.3. Many Republicans, including President Trump, notoriously repeal these environmental regulations

17.3. Increased growth of environmental groups

17.3.1. Greater pressures brought by the public to mitigate global warming Funding more research into renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power Generating renewable energy on public land in the US Providing tax rebates to people who purchase energy-efficient vehicles or solar panels IT company chooses to perform climate assessments Climate forecasting will highlight high-level risks by region and will allow IT company to create mitigation strategies

18. Increased gun violence

18.1. Increased gun control

18.1.1. Decrease in gun sales at common places such as gun shows

18.1.2. Strengthened universal background check systems Background checks for private gun sales and at gun shows Barring gun purchases by people on no-fly or watch lists

18.1.3. Implementing a "red-flag law" that lets law enforcement take away guns from dangerous people

18.1.4. Preventing the mentally ill from purchasing guns

18.2. Politicians increase stance behind rights and freedoms to "bear arms"

18.2.1. Bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines

18.2.2. The National Rifle Association (NRA) will be defended by the conservative politicians In return, the NRA will financially support the conservative politicians NRA will fund negative propaganda towards the more liberal politicians who want to strengthen gun laws.

18.2.3. Federal database is created to track gun sales

18.2.4. Expand background checks

18.3. Stricter security is needed at public establishments

18.3.1. IT company develops technology that easily detects guns. Public establishments implement IT company's technology Gun violence decreases IT company's profits increase

19. Economic recession

19.1. War amongst nations

19.2. Financial uncertainty

19.2.1. High debt rates Increase in debt borrowing Increased in unemployment rates

19.2.2. Increased inflation rates

19.3. Lack of trust in government

19.4. Lack of trust in financial institutions

19.4.1. Increase in litigation against financial institutions

19.4.2. Increase in media coverage of financial institution activity

19.5. IT companies experience significant decrease in revenue.

19.5.1. IT companies with weak balance sheets run out of money Many IT companies shut down

19.5.2. IT companies with decent balance sheets re-structure and downsize Underperfoming business units shut down Underperforming employees let go

20. Increase in immigration

20.1. Increase in border control policies

20.1.1. Increase budget for border control initiatives Increase support from the National Guard troops Increase in investment in training facilities Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents will become skilled in their jobs Increase in funding for Coast Guard Ensures a higher sense of maritime security Increase demand for hires for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents Increase in screeners and polygraph administrators to speed up hiring process Increase of CBP Internal Affairs Investigators Improve and maintain CBP's and Border Patrol's anti-corruption and use of force policies Higher taxes for tax payers

20.1.2. Border Enforcement Security Taskforce (BEST) - working with US federal, state and local law enforcement with Mexican law enforcement to share info on border crime Increase in information-sharing and collaboration

20.1.3. Create a wall barrier with potential technological innovations Gives IT company the potential to cater to government; inspires innovation & growth

20.1.4. Investing more money to bring new technologies and capabilities to support border patrol agents

20.1.5. Increase in compromises on policy regarding immigration policies Increase in coopoeration between Mexico and the USA Decrease in number of immigrants illegally entering country

20.1.6. Encouraging private-sector investment in border infrastructure Saving government resources Increase in demand for commerce-friendly infrastructure from private sector Gives IT company the potential to cater to government; inspires innovation & growth

20.1.7. Body cameras Gives IT company the potential to cater to government; inspires innovation & growth

21. Rise of Identity politics

21.1. Governments that fail to promote unifying values

22. Laxed anti-trust laws

22.1. IT company wants to increase their influence over market share

22.1.1. IT company successfully mergers/acquires a rival IT company IT company revenue enhancement through market share gain Increased value generation of IT company Increase in cost efficiency due to economies of scale