Get/have something + past participle

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Get/have something + past participle by Mind Map: Get/have something + past participle

1. By + agent

1.1. I'm going to get my eyes tested next week.

1.1.1. by the optician

1.2. I had the parcel delivered to my workplace.

1.2.1. by the courier

2. Get + object + past participle

2.1. The person did something themselves

2.1.1. I'll try to get the report finished today. I'll do it myself

2.1.2. Also possible Have + object + past participle I'll try to have the report finished today.

2.2. Something happened by accident

2.2.1. She got her fingers caught in the elevator doors. By accident

2.3. Don't use it the present perfect!

3. Want, would like, need + object + past participle

3.1. The things we need or would like to be arranged to be done

3.1.1. We need (to get) the roof repaired. It´s leaking

3.1.2. I'd like (to get) this suit cleaned. by next Thursday