New Customer Checklist

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New Customer Checklist by Mind Map: New Customer Checklist

1. Sales Person

1.1. Priority

1.1.1. Onboarding

1.1.2. Platform training (if need be)

1.2. Tasks

1.2.1. Billing info to Accounts Dept

1.2.2. Signed IO(s) via Echosign

1.2.3. Campaign / Customer boarding Domain exclusion list / competitors list From alias & an active From email address Creative content (if applicable) Physical address Domain exclusion list / competitors list Suppression list Test email preview list Campaign start date Campaign end date Lead delivery template / API info

2. AM Team Member

2.1. Tasks

2.1.1. Setup Basecamp User Account (if need be)

2.1.2. Send out weekly Meeting Invites

2.1.3. Platform training (if need be)

2.1.4. Send out Group email id

2.1.5. Update the customer on Campaign progress

2.2. Priority

2.2.1. Onboarding

2.2.2. Campaign progress update

3. Production Team Member

3.1. Priority

3.1.1. Customer Setup

3.2. Tasks

3.2.1. Setup Campaign as per Campaign boarding doc

3.2.2. Monitor the campaign(s)

3.2.3. Alert Production Manager / AM if campaign has issues

4. Tech Team

4.1. Tasks

4.1.1. Upload suppression list

4.1.2. Setup group alias email id

4.2. Priority

4.2.1. Suppression

4.2.2. Group email id