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Planning by Mind Map: Planning

1. Designing Engaging Learning Experiences

1.1. Plan exciting activities away from the classroom setting: field trips, speakers etc

1.2. Plan experiences that relate to the 'real world' that help students in everyday situations.

2. Students involved in the planning process

2.1. Consider the student's interests to drive their inquiries

2.2. Students voice what they want to learn in the upcoming Inquiry through a KWL chart.

2.3. inform the students of the concepts and themes of the Inquiry so they are aware.

3. Differentiation

3.1. Give students a pre-assessment to determine where their learning is or if you need to challenge them

3.2. Mid-point reviews to help assess where students' learning is (if there are topics that need to be revised)

3.3. Differentiation on the student's individual needs.