Oraux partiels

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Oraux partiels by Mind Map: Oraux partiels

1. The secret of learning new languages

1.1. Enjoy the language

1.1.1. look favorite series and films in other languages or read a book

1.2. Methods

1.2.1. Short terms memory and long term memory use apps on mobile phone "Memrise" make flash card to revise it make games to enjoy it

1.3. Patience

1.3.1. we can't learn in 2 month

1.4. System

1.4.1. Plan a system to have time in a day to learn vocabulary or something else

2. The evolution of mobile games

2.1. APPS

2.1.1. 33% of all apps downloaded

2.1.2. People spent more time on mobile apps than watching TV

2.2. Global market

2.2.1. Mobiles games represent half of the global market gaming turnover Tencent invested 90$ millions in "Pocket Gems" For the first time ever, Voodoo invested 200$ millions from Goldman Sachs'

2.2.2. 74% of consumer spend from mobile game account +10% YoY

2.3. Type of gamers

2.3.1. the average of mobile gamers is 36 years old

2.3.2. 51% of mobile gamers are women

2.4. Government role

2.4.1. The government support local gaming business

2.4.2. French government made "Join the game"

3. The transformative power of video games

3.1. The impact of video games in the five future years

3.1.1. Economy More jobs and income thousands of people work in gaming and in the future years, children will work in this industry

3.1.2. Social Hundreds of thousands or millions of people being able to coinhabit the same space give at people new worlds, new country to demonstrates crisis in the world, or the impact of the war. Change a single identity to a diverse identity, to be rich for exemple or change the color

3.1.3. Art painter or person who work in art, can work in future years in game studios, to help and create a new content.

3.1.4. research a massive possibilities of huge networks of interactions If all people create groups, we can create lots of shared experience

3.2. Video game industry

3.2.1. the average year of a american gamer is 34 yo

3.2.2. 2.6 Billions of players

4. gaming can make a better world

4.1. Players have spent 5.93 millions years on the game

4.2. we need at 21 billion hours of game play every week.

4.3. young person today in a country with a strong gamer culture will have spent 10,000 hours

4.4. Gamers can have a real role in the development of relationship and games

5. Video game curfew for children in China

5.1. Rules

5.1.1. Can't play between 10pm at 8 am.

5.1.2. You can play only 90 minutes per day during the week.

5.1.3. You can only play 3 hours per day during weekend and hollidays

5.1.4. Under sixteen you can only spend 200 yen an up to 400 yen between 16yo and 18yo./ month

5.2. Environement

5.2.1. China is the world's largest gaming market

5.2.2. Addiction to gaming, is know officially as Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD)

5.3. Objectives

5.3.1. Create a internet space more safe for minors and protect mental health.

5.3.2. Limit the number of new online games

5.3.3. Reduce Nearsightedness

5.3.4. Reduce number of gamers addicted

6. Esport in South of Korea