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Plan for 2009 by Mind Map: Plan for 2009

1. February

1.1. Follow-up Schools

1.1.1. visit record section

1.1.2. talk to teacher (focus with students having problem)

1.2. Assess the 3rd year and fourth year JS Prom

1.3. GS activity continue

1.4. Weekly Report

1.5. continue to conceptualize GS

2. Still on Planning stage together with Mark...for 2009 schedule and other activities

3. January

3.1. Evaluation of Group Sessions acitivities

3.1.1. time frame: student: 1st yr HS-jan 27

3.1.2. 2nd yr HS Jan 28

3.1.3. 3rd yr HS Jan 29

3.1.4. 4th yr HS & College Jan 30

3.1.5. Jan Jan 26 to 31- final evaluation

3.2. Turn over College to Mark on Jan 10

3.3. Make a video presentation to Judith (Grace)

3.3.1. Card from the students or letter (Joy)

3.4. Make a Budget Proposal to RTG

3.5. Finish students folders and other forms

3.6. Prepare/conceptualize GS for February and up

3.7. Prepare requirements for purchasing testing material -(Jan to Feb)

3.7.1. original photocopy of SEC/policy and by laws

3.7.2. 2x2 picture colored with white background

3.7.3. letter of Intent to MS. Ruby Benetiz-Executive Vice President

3.7.4. DSWD Permit

3.7.5. Endorsement letter from YF Executive Director

3.7.6. Original Photocopy of school records

3.7.7. Business photocopy/original

3.7.8. 300 pesos accreditation fee

3.7.9. then call back and set for an appointment for interview to MS. Ruby Benitez

3.7.10. Need to request credential to PWU-original copy

3.8. General Meeting with the students on Jan 17

3.8.1. included in the program to make bday celebration welcoming of new staff Judith's sharing video presentation (xmas party)by: Arnold

3.9. Group Sessions

3.9.1. "Kakaibang New Year Resolution sa Taong 2009 (Jan 6 to 10)

3.9.2. Art Therapy (jan 10, ...17)

4. Plan activities

4.1. psychodrama

4.2. summer separate activities

4.2.1. arts and crafts Cards mural painting scrapbook making bids

4.2.2. music group

4.2.3. theatre group

4.2.4. indoors/outdoors sports act

4.2.5. Dance Group

4.3. Counseling and relaxation

4.4. Student Personality and Developement

4.5. Indoors and outdoors activities