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Plan for 2009 by Mind Map: Plan for 2009
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Plan for 2009


Evaluation of Group Sessions acitivities

Turn over College to Mark on Jan 10

Make a video presentation to Judith (Grace)

Make a Budget Proposal to RTG

Finish students folders and other forms

Prepare/conceptualize GS for February and up

Prepare requirements for purchasing testing material -(Jan to Feb)

General Meeting with the students on Jan 17

Joy assigned for invitation for scholars/student and helping setting up for the venue

Group Sessions


Follow-up Schools

Assess the 3rd year and fourth year JS Prom

GS activity continue

Weekly Report

continue to conceptualize GS

Still on Planning stage together with Mark...for 2009 schedule and other activities

Plan activities


summer separate activities

Counseling and relaxation

Student Personality and Developement

Indoors and outdoors activities