Draft Constitution for the Republic of Oxi

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Draft Constitution for the Republic of Oxi by Mind Map: Draft Constitution for the Republic of Oxi

1. Government of the Republic

1.1. Office of the Chancellor

1.1.1. The Chancellor shall serve as the head of state and government.

1.1.2. The Chancellor shall administrate foreign affairs under the counsel of Parliament and the Ministers.

1.1.3. The Chancellor shall order the formation of special advisory commissions and appoint their members when necessary.

1.2. Ministries of the Republic

1.2.1. The Ministries shall be permanent organizations established to oversee their respective governmental functions.

1.2.2. Ministries may establish Departments to oversee specific projects and initiatives. Ministers shall appoint the directors of departments within their respective Ministries.

1.3. Parliament

1.3.1. Parliament shall be a unicameral legislative body comprised of 33 seats.

1.4. Elections Procedure

1.4.1. Intro Elections for all offices and seats of government shall occur at a minimum of once per 365 days. Elections may be called for at any time by a three-fourths vote in Parliament.

1.4.2. Chancellor The Chancellor shall be elected directly by the citizens via an instant-runoff vote.

1.4.3. Ministers Ministers shall be elected by Parliament via an instant-runoff vote.

1.4.4. Members of Parliament Members of Parliament shall be elected directly by the citizens. Mixed-member proportional representation shall apply.

1.5. Special Provisions

1.5.1. Proceedings in the case of the resignation, death, or absence of the Chancellor

1.5.2. Establishment and abolition of Ministries

1.5.3. Adjustment of the quantity of Parliamentary seats

2. Thesis

2.1. Declaration of Statehood

2.1.1. Legitimacy of Statehood Brief mention of the history of Oxi

2.1.2. Nature of Statehood Democratic Pacifist

2.2. Exposition on the National Themes

2.2.1. Liberty

2.2.2. Progress

3. Declaration of Civil and Political Rights

4. Signatories

4.1. As many citizens as possible at the time of ratification.