A smartphone is also a...

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A smartphone is also a... by Mind Map: A smartphone is also a...

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2. Storage Device

2.1. iCloud and iTunes provide huge storage space for music files, photos, downloaded games.

2.2. Dropbox provides cloud storage for a variety of files

2.3. Privacy of backup and restore application data, password and other setting to Google server

3. Camera

3.1. iPhone 4 tops Flickr camera stats: A closer look

3.2. Comes with photo editing and forwarding functions

3.3. Idea 3

3.4. Excellent for google search by graphic

4. Web browser

4.1. Excellent source of information via youtube, google, wiki

4.2. Walking encyclopedia

5. Gaming device

5.1. Many games could be downloaded with competitive features

6. Social Device

6.1. With the aid of apps or a Web browser, smartphones can be use to access Twitter and Facebook

6.2. Technical affordances

6.2.1. Any time

6.2.2. Any where

6.2.3. Any mobile platforms/devices (inter-operability)

6.3. Social affordances

6.4. Pedagogical affordances

7. GPS device

7.1. Summon Auntie app

7.2. Hungrygowhere app

7.3. Driving

7.4. Shownearby app

8. Compass

8.1. Augmented Reality: Virtual Guide

9. Calculator

10. Torchlight

11. Dictionary

11.1. Translator

12. Calendar/scheduler

12.1. Organiser: Prioritise your schedule

12.2. Collaborate calendar with others e.g. making appointment convenient

13. Note taker

13.1. Text

13.2. Audio

13.3. Video

13.4. Photo

14. Messaging device

14.1. Phone

14.2. SMS

14.3. MMS

14.4. Skype/Google phone

14.5. Email

14.6. Many types of chats apps can be downloaded

15. Smart assistant

15.1. SIRI in iPhone 4S

15.2. JIT information

16. eBook reader

16.1. Kindle

16.2. Zinio

16.3. Stanza

17. BANK

17.1. Mobile Transaction

17.2. Fund Transfer

17.3. Mobile trading

17.4. Bill payment


18.1. Mobile Accesibility apps for blind people or low vision to use adroid phone in an intuitive easy and simple way

18.2. Teclas Acess app to facilitate switch acess to clectronic device for people with mobility impairment.

18.3. Others include Euro coins splitter, Autism series,Quick talk AAC(Augmentative and Alternative Communication)

19. TIME

19.1. Alarm

19.2. World Time

19.3. Stopwatch

19.4. Timer

19.5. Weather ForeCasting

20. Productivity Tools

20.1. Photo Editing

20.2. Video Editing

20.3. Capture ideas, thinking in different modes

21. New node