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Realtorify (1) by Mind Map: Realtorify (1)

1. Realtor

1.1. JTBD

1.1.1. As an realtor I need to fulfill client's expectations so I can sell more properties

1.1.2. As a realtor I need to introduce the future profits for customer depended on their states so we could find the best option Anticipation: Bases real estate’s value on its future profitability and advantages. Balance: Property attains maximum value when the production agents are economically stable. Productions agents are the necessary components to bring a commodity or service to market: land, labor, capital, and coordination. Change: Value is influenced by variations both inside and outside of the market. Competition: The striving between parties to develop, offer, or obtain real estate and the contest between properties to capture consumer attention. Property worth is impacted by both types of competition. Conformity: Value increases the more similar a property is to others in the same category or location. Contribution: The feature of a property is only as valuable as it increases its worth. Highest and best use: The legal use of a parcel of land, which, when capitalized, will generate the greatest net income.

1.1.3. As a realtor I am interested in Cooperate with other brokers/agents when it's in the best interests of the client to do so

2. users direction

2.1. JTBD

2.1.1. As an investor, I need to take attention to details, so I knew the real estate profit

2.1.2. As an investor, I wish I could choose the most relevant option according to several points mortgage salary properties of desire estate area/location insurances duration

2.1.3. As an investor, I need to know the number of profits during the period so I could plan my future finance status ahead

2.1.4. As an investor, I wish I knew how much money I need to invest (monthly) so I will be able to plan the best option for my ROI mothly quarter year certain amount of years 5 years the whole period

2.1.5. As a seller, I wish I knew how much money I will get in a certain period of time, so I could choose the best for me

2.1.6. As an investor, I wish I knew the changes in the price for the real estate, so I knew when the best time for receiving better profits

2.1.7. As an investor I wish I can track down anytime the money investment

2.1.8. As an investor, I wish I can see the PERIOD (YEARS/MONTHS), CUMULATIVE YIELD, MONTHLY CASHFLOW, CUMULATIVE MONTHLY DEPO, so I can support them visually and compare my profit

2.1.9. as an investor, I should use leverage so I can maximize returns leverage of my Investment Capital leverage of my Mortgage Financing leverage of my time

2.1.10. As an investor, I am interested in Tax advantages so I can find the best way to pay them Tax Deferred Growth Tax Breaks Tax Deductions

2.1.11. As an investor, I should predict the care about the furniture and repair expenses

2.1.12. As an investor, I am interested in calculating the Annual Operating Expenses

2.1.13. As an investor, I am interested in estimate profit from the short term and long term rent of my property As a investor I should the estimate for annuel and monthly rent

3. Real estate development

3.1. JTBD

3.1.1. As a real estate developer I interested to calculate the whole building profit

3.1.2. As a real estate developer, I am interested in faster to finish and submit the buildings ready status so I can continue with other projects

3.1.3. As a real estate developer, I need to target the commercial estate market so my properties will assess the market and to be able to detect opportunities and avoid wasted efforts

4. Sergey

4.1. Jobs to be done

4.1.1. Invest Buying When I want to buy a flat I want to check whether I got the best possible price or the flat is overprised When I have multiple properties to buy I want to know the ROI of all properties so I can buy the best one When I've chosen the property to invest to I need to know the cost transactions depending on the location of the investments When I plan my investment I want to understand the difference between long term and short term rent so I can make more money Overview (Analysis) When I calculate ROI for objects I want to store them all together so I can quickly get back to them to compare When I calculate the profit I want to get only one single number without unnecessary information so I can easily compare different strategies (anyway I don't know all these details) When I've already invested money in real estate property I want to adjust annual expenses to get more accurate profitability prediction When I've done the calculation I want to export in PDF documents so I can print it and check or show offline

4.1.2. I rent or lease my flat When I calculate the profit I want it to be written in simple terms so I don't need to google unknown words When I lease a flat to somebody I want to know when to sell property so I can make more money When I rent a flat I want to know the best strategy (buy a small flat and lease it VS rent a medium flat VS mortgage) to do it so I spend as less as I can When the property price changes I want to be notified about it so I can immediately sell it to make more money

4.1.3. Real estate agencies When I create a ROI analysis I want to send them to clients with my company branding so it looks more cohesive

4.1.4. Real estate online portal When uses is looking for a property I want to show them ROI calculator so I can help them to make an immediate decision

4.1.5. Real estate developer Need help

4.1.6. Shared investments (calculate how much everybody gets)

4.2. Jobs to be done framework