Dream Job: Event Manager

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Dream Job: Event Manager by Mind Map: Dream Job: Event Manager

1. What this job would be

1.1. Create from a small to a huge event

1.2. Set up plan

1.3. Prepare Behind-the-scence

2. Where I would work

2.1. A company

2.2. A concert

2.3. A conference

2.4. Flexible and dynamic evironment

3. Which qualifications I would need

3.1. I don't know but next year in college I will fill find and take them all.

3.2. Experience

4. Why I would like to have this job most

4.1. Able to meet KOLs

4.2. Create a network

4.3. Love traveling

4.4. Challenge

4.5. Creating an error-free and successful event