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YDP Global by Mind Map: YDP Global

1. Business Research

1.1. Account Profiling

1.2. Competitive Analysis

1.3. Benchmark Studies

1.4. Market Assessment

1.5. Market Entry

2. Demand Generation

2.1. Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)

2.1.1. Who They Are?

2.1.2. Why they matter?

2.1.3. Expert tips for driving more B2B MQLs

2.1.4. Best practices for nurturing B2B MQLs

2.1.5. How to generate B2B MQLs with Content Marketing

2.1.6. How to generate B2B MQLs with Social Media

2.1.7. How to automate B2B MQLs

2.1.8. Tips for Converting B2B MQLs

2.1.9. MQLs Vs SQLs

2.1.10. Marketing Qualified Leads vs Product Qualified Leads

2.1.11. How to Properly Transition MQLs to your Sales Team {Template Included}

2.1.12. How to Transform Networking Contacts into MQLs

2.1.13. 5 Metrics To Track After Marketing Qualifies A Lead 1. How many MQLs converted to SQLs? 2. How many MQLs converted to sales opportunities? 3. How many MQLs converted to your work-in-progress pipeline? 4. How many MQLs converted into closed/won? 5. What marketing channel did the closed/won leads come from?

2.1.14. How to define your MQLs specific to your industry?

2.2. High Quality Leads

2.3. BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Timing)

2.4. Appointment Setting

2.5. Event / Webinar Registration


2.6.1. 1. How to generate high quality B2B leads using YDP Custom Data Build Services

2.6.2. 2.

3. Database Management

3.1. Bespoke Data Build

3.2. CRM Cleansing / Maintenance

3.3. Opt-in Contacts

4. Customer Support

4.1. B2B Relationship

4.2. Customer Retention

4.3. Live Web Chat

4.4. Data Entry

4.5. Email Management

4.6. Customer Loyalty