Attacks on the Press: The Rise of 'Repression 2.0'

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Attacks on the Press: The Rise of 'Repression 2.0' by Mind Map: Attacks on the Press: The Rise of 'Repression 2.0'

1. World Press Freedom Index: Ranking 180 countries according to press freedom.

1.1. 48th place: the United States Situation: problematic (orange)

1.1.1. Attributed to Trump's vile rhetoric towards the media.

1.1.2. US journalists are subjected to high amount of death threats

1.1.3. Turn to private security firms for protection

1.2. Belgium is ranked 9th.

1.3. Only 15 countries have a "good situation" in regards to press freedom.

2. Committee to Protect Journalists: Press freedom watchdog

2.1. Annual report: Attack on the Press

2.1.1. Repression 2.0 Use online technology to exert control, sometimes even imprisonment. China

2.1.2. Masked Political Control Using a "democratic façade" as a means to put repressive policies in place. Turkey

2.1.3. Technology capture Using the latest technology to disrupt journalists and stop people's media access. Vietnam Goes against basic human right

3. Government interference in the media

3.1. Government-backed ownership

3.2. Pro-government reporting for favors

3.2.1. Economic manipulation more common across Europe these last five years than anywhere else.

3.3. Supporting outlets that are government-friendly.

4. Right-wing populism

4.1. Hungary

4.1.1. 80% of the media is in the hands of government allies

4.2. Austria

4.2.1. Colluding with Russians

5. Censorship with technology capture

5.1. 10 most-censored countries

5.1.1. Saudi Arabia Jamal Khashoggi

5.1.2. Vietnam Multiple laws

6. Fake news

6.1. The Guardian is countering

6.1.1. Instagram Stories series 'Fake or For Real'

7. Imprisoned journalists in 2019

7.1. 389 journalists

8. Journalists killed in 2019

8.1. 49 (lowest since 2003)

8.2. Latin America as deadly as Middle East