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Opportunities by Mind Map: Opportunities

1. Store for you and others' Stickers

2. Back to Task Presentation

3. Social

3.1. SoLoMo

3.1.1. Create a group for my area

3.1.2. Connect with people around me at events Festivals driven community Music concerts Sports events

3.1.3. When in Places I Like Offer to connect with People who like them as well

3.1.4. Who's around me (who don't have Viber) Add by Bluetooth Add by NFC Add by WiFi 5G

3.1.5. See Communities around me on Google Maps/Waze

3.2. Friends' Status Updates

3.3. Friends

3.3.1. Address book sync

3.3.2. Your Friend joined

3.3.3. Invite Friends not on Viber at fist session

3.4. Stickers

3.4.1. Sticker Gift Packs

3.4.2. Customized Stickers

3.5. #Hashtags

3.5.1. search relevant communities by # Holidays Celebs Topics

3.5.2. Connect with Users who follow the same Hashtags you Folow

3.6. Memes

3.6.1. TikTok Style Vids

3.6.2. Challenges

3.6.3. Dance Dance Tutorials Dance Contests Dance Dares

3.7. Polls

3.7.1. Invite to Polls

3.7.2. Create Polls

3.8. Games

3.8.1. Invite friends to play

3.8.2. Tournament

3.8.3. Meet new people on Games

3.9. Status

3.9.1. Push Notifications of Friend Status Updates

4. Work

4.1. Work Contacts Sync

4.1.1. Email Contacts

4.1.2. Customers

4.2. Teams

4.2.1. Conference Calls Schedule Conference Calls by ChatBot Auto Generate Meeting Minutes Create Group of conference call Participants

4.2.2. Plugins & API's Trello Jira

4.3. Attachments

4.3.1. Files

4.3.2. Meeting Minutes

4.3.3. Tasks

4.4. Broadcasting Company Info

4.4.1. Answer Employees Questions by ChatBot

4.4.2. CEO's Word

4.4.3. Trips & Holidays

5. System

5.1. Onboarding

5.1.1. Build Full Profile

5.1.2. Send messages to at least 8 Friends on first week Give Viber Out minutes as a gift for first 10 friends

5.1.3. Customized Analytics Driven OnBoarding Persona Based Region Based OS/EcoSystem Based

5.1.4. Say Hi to friends Around Me

5.2. Notifications

5.2.1. Push Messages

5.2.2. Birthday

5.2.3. Friends in communities