The bridge between suicide and life

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The bridge between suicide and life by Mind Map: The bridge between suicide and life

1. Golden Gate Bridge

1.1. Since opened 1600 people they know of commit suicide on this bridge

1.2. It was said to be suicide proof

1.3. Most utilized bridge for suicide in the world

1.4. Magnate for suicide

2. What happens after jumping

2.1. after free fall they hit the water in 4-5 seconds

2.2. Strikes water at 75 miles a hour

2.2.1. impact shatters bones

2.2.2. some shattered bones puncture vital organs

2.3. Most die on impact

2.3.1. If not dying on impact they flail in water till eventually drowning

3. Once on the edge it is very difficult to bring them back over to the bridge

4. Psychologists now train officers to help stop the suicides

5. A man named Jason flew out to San Francisco to end his life on this bridge 3 times the last being the one that took his life

6. Kevin Briggs lost two people out of hundreds he saved but it was two to many