An exciting experience

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An exciting experience by Mind Map: An exciting experience

1. Because it was a fantastic experience, and feeling that support from my family and having won this competition was great.

2. I really think so.

3. While competing they were supporting me all my family.

4. Then I felt very happy to have won this competition.

5. I felt a little nervous, because I was going to compete with very good girls.

6. Because I perform very well in this sport that is swimming.

7. I was elected by vote in my school.

8. I did it at the end of August

9. I won a swim race

10. Why?

11. Would you do it again?

12. Who saw you do it?

13. How did you feel afterwards?

14. How did you feel before?

15. Why?

16. Who chose you to do it?

17. When did you do it?

18. What exciting thing did you do?