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xiaomi by Mind Map: xiaomi


1.1. Political

1.1.1. Not able to entre in certain markets due to the trade war between US and China

1.2. Economic

1.2.1. As the income increases Consumers have more and more income to spend on devices that they could not prevoisly afford

1.3. Social

1.3.1. Many western countries believe that MADE IN CHINA is label associated with the poor quality

1.4. Technological

1.4.1. Relatively efficient interms of high quality technology

1.5. LEGAL

1.5.1. No such legal issues affecting xiaomi compated to other electronic manufacturers eg, apple, samsung

1.6. Environmental

1.6.1. xiaomi is faced with the problem similar to that of every one create better tool without harming the environment around


2.1. Internal

2.1.1. Strengts Lower Price High cost performance vast product line

2.1.2. weaknesses Mainly sold on flash sale only No ofline distribition Brand image and equity low skimming price

2.2. external

2.2.1. opportunities New geographical markets Brick and mortar stores Green binding

2.2.2. threats Competitors OPPO,VIVO Brand differentiation Lack of service centres