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Freud by Mind Map: Freud

1. Psychodynamic Theory

1.1. Definition: psychological forces such as wishes, fears and intentions determine behaviour

1.1.1. assess personality using life history and projective methods, Rorschach inkblot test Thematic Apperception Test (TAT),

1.2. Topographic model:

1.2.1. The Mind

1.2.2. The conscious, unconscious & preconcious

1.3. Drive/instinct model

1.3.1. sex (libido) and aggression as the basic human motives

1.4. Development Model

1.4.1. psychosexual stages oral 0-18 months Concerns: Dependency anal 2-3 years Concerns: orderliness, cleanliness, control, compliance phallic 4-6 years Concerns: identification with parents, Oedipus Complex, establishment of conscience latency 7-11 years Concerns sublimation of sexual & aggressive impulses genital 12+ Mature Sexuality & Relationships

1.5. structural model

1.5.1. id the reservoir of sexual and aggressive energy),

1.5.2. ego the rational part of the mind that must somehow balance desire, reality and morality

1.5.3. superego conscious

1.5.4. Defence Mechanisms depression denial Def: Pperson refuses to acknowledge external realities or emotions Ex: A relationship is not working but when the partner asks if anything is wrong, responds no I am fine. Projection Def: person attributes his or her own unacknowledged feelings or impulses to others Ex: person does not recognise his own greed and lack of concern for others, instead he sees these traits in others. reaction formation in which a person turns feeling or impulses into their opposites sublimation Def: involves converting sexual or aggressive impulses into socially acceptable activities Ex: When angry going boxing rationalisation Def: in which a person turns feeling or impulses into their opposites Ex: student plagiarises her essay paper and justifies her actions by saying that passing the course will help her to earn her public policy degree & serve the community, displacement Def: people directing their emotions, especially anger, away from the real target to a substitute.