Cache Memory

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Cache Memory by Mind Map: Cache Memory

1. Characteristic

1.1. location

1.2. capacity

1.3. unit of transfer

2. Memory Hierarchy

2.1. • Faster access time, greater cost per bit • Greater capacity, smaller cost per bit • Greater capacity, slower access time

3. Element of Cache

3.1. Cache address

3.1.1. logical

3.1.2. physical

3.2. MAPPING FUNCTION ialah kaedah yang digunakan untuk mencari alamat ingatan dalam cache. Ia digunakan apabila menyalin blok dari memori utama ke cache dan ia digunakan sekali lagi apabila cuba untuk mengambil data dari cache

3.2.1. Direct -The simplest technique -Maps each block of main memory into only one possible cache line

3.2.2. Associative -Permits each main memory block to be loaded into any line of the cache

3.2.3. Set Associative -Show the strengths of both the direct and upgrade themselve while reducing their disadvantages

3.3. Line of size

3.3.1. Single or Two level This refers to having a single or separate caches for data and machine instructions.

3.3.2. Unified or Split Split is obviously superior. It reduces thrashing, which we will come to shortly..

3.4. Number of cache

3.5. Replacement Algorith

3.5.1. Random

3.5.2. LRU

3.5.3. LFU

3.5.4. FIFO