Collaboration with Procurement

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Collaboration with Procurement by Mind Map: Collaboration with Procurement

1. TA Brewery (2 FGDs)

1.1. PR/ PO slow process

1.2. No monitoring on overdue of PR/ PO

1.3. No proper monitoring on contract expiry, let the customers find it by themselves

2. SA Brewery (4 FGDs)

2.1. Slow response email even after SA Team sends so many email, they simply didn't response

2.2. Long delayed/ late contract, creating operational issue (every month) with the vendors that have to be handled by SA Team

2.3. Delayed/ late PR/ PO approval

2.4. With only 1 Procurement FTE in SA (JG 10), he only focus on administration side & less on strategic side to source for new vendors

2.5. Issue with forklift vendor & contract, impacting performance, operational, safety & environment issue

3. HR (2 FGDs)

3.1. Very slow speed of service & less proactive

3.2. Poor functional performance

3.3. Slow response and simply ignores emails/ WA chat/ phone call

3.4. Bidding process is too complicated resulting lengthy bidding time

3.5. Lack of strategic & tactical judgement & not clear communication to the vendors

3.6. Head of Procurement seems unwilling to get his hands dirty

4. Marketing (2 FGDs)

4.1. Too many system tools but not adding value for the process speed

4.2. PR/PO takes too long while the project is adhoc

4.3. No updates on vendor lists

4.4. Stop saving money the wrong way. Hire more people; let Karissa & Annisa focus on Marketing Division

4.5. No improvement in process from procurement since last climate survey. No action talk only.

4.6. Syafruddin only forward emails, no solution.

4.7. Unnecessary process requirement (small projects need pitching)

4.8. Being slow in responding and poor execution

4.9. Too much admin process

4.10. Vendor registration takes too long. While Procurement needs to be involved for all contracts, starting 20 millions

4.11. Annisa's way of communicating to vendor is considered offensive