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Google Adwords by Mind Map: Google Adwords


1.1. Person/question

1.1.1. Keyword Message (ADS) Action


2.1. Factors

2.1.1. Overall budget

2.1.2. Campaign Goals

2.1.3. Sale/Conversion Values

2.2. Manual Bidding

2.3. Automated bidding

2.3.1. Maximize clicks

2.4. Strategy Types

2.4.1. vCPM Cost per thousand viewable impressions Used to increase awareness

2.4.2. CPV Cost per view

2.4.3. CPC Cost per Click Used to drive website traffic

2.4.4. CPA Cost per acquisition Used for purchases/sign ups

2.5. Goals

2.5.1. Awareness vCPM CPV

2.5.2. Clicks CPC

2.5.3. Sales CPA


3.1. Account

3.1.1. Campaign Ad group Keywords



5.1. Factors

5.1.1. Expected Clickthrough Rate Definition A keyword status that measures how likely it is that your ads will get clicked when shown for that keyword, irrespective of your ad's position, extensions, and other ad formats that may affect the prominence and visibility of your ads.

5.1.2. Ad Relevance Status Used to help identify keywords that might not be relevant enough to perform well.

5.1.3. Landing Page Experience Measurement of how relevant & useful LP is organized + relatable text = higher rating How to improve Relevant, useful content Promote Transparency/Trusthworthiness Make mobile/computer navigation easy Decrease loading time Make sure site is fast

6. ADS

6.1. Rank

6.1.1. Value determining ad position Quality expected CTR Ad Relevance Landing Page Experience Bid Website/Landing Page Extensions

6.1.2. Can fluctuate depending on competition

6.2. Formats

6.2.1. Text Networks Search Network Search Partners Parts Headline URL Path Fields Description

6.2.2. Image Search network *Image ads show on search partner networks, but not the Google Search Network. Display network

6.2.3. Video Search network *Video ads show on search partner networks, but not the Google Search Network. Display Network

6.2.4. Ad Extensions Networks Search Network Display Network

6.2.5. Responsive Ads Display Network

6.2.6. Shopping Ads Google Shopping Google Search Google Search partner websites

6.2.7. App Promotion Ads Search Network Display Network

6.2.8. Call only ads Search Network

6.3. Targeting

6.3.1. Keywords

6.3.2. Ad Location

6.3.3. Demographics

6.3.4. Time

6.3.5. Devices


7.1. Search Network

7.1.1. Sites Google Play Google Shopping Google Search Google Maps Search sites that partner with google

7.1.2. Types of Ads Text ads Dynamic Search Ads Call only ads Shopping Ads Image and video ads

7.2. Display Network

7.2.1. Sites Partnering websites across the internet Youtube, blogger, gmail

7.2.2. Types of Ads Responsive ads Uploaded image ads Image ads Video ads Gmail ads