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QA 2020 by Mind Map: QA 2020

1. iOS Application Tests

1.1. iPad Application

1.1.1. UI Tests with Appium Home Dashboard Fields Page Company Selection Page Alerts Page Scouting Report Page Map View Field Details Page

1.2. iPhone Application

1.2.1. UI Tests with Appium TBD

1.3. CICD with Fastlane

1.3.1. Release Flow Setup

1.3.2. Development Flow Setup

1.3.3. Unit/Service Tests integration

2. Web Application Tests

2.1. UI Test with Protractor

2.1.1. Admin Operations

2.1.2. Admin Configuration

2.1.3. Map View

2.2. CI in Jenkins

3. Analytics Tests

3.1. Functional Tests

3.2. Unit test integration in Jenkins

4. Backend Tests

4.1. Pipeline API Tests

4.2. GraphQL API Tests

4.3. REST API Tests

5. End-to-End Scenario Tests