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Focus by Mind Map: Focus

1. Personal

1.1. Mind

1.1.1. READ The Abs-Diet by David Zinczenko

1.2. Body

1.2.1. Abs-Diet

1.2.2. Workout

1.2.3. Exercise

1.2.4. Better Choices

1.3. Changes

2. Business

2.1. New Ideas

2.1.1. Graphic Design/Advertising Business Getting Started Business Plan Brainstorm Name Research For Better Business Bureau Business Loan Research Compare Loans Apply For Loans Receive Loan

3. Relationships

3.1. Family

3.1.1. Email family throughout week

3.1.2. Talk to Nick about interests

3.2. Friends

3.2.1. Show Laura how to use a mind map

4. School

4.1. Active Courses

4.1.1. Biology Study for Test Exam on Tuesday

4.1.2. History Read Materials Highlight important points Write Research Paper

4.2. Remaining Classes for AA

4.3. Pell Grant

4.4. Student Loans

4.4.1. Research