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Reading by Mind Map: Reading

1. What industry is my fortune in besides cosmetics in psychics? How close am I getting there what does it take ? Fortune making money

1.1. HR

1.1.1. Gail Irby HR

1.1.2. Medical Staffing

1.1.3. How do I get an HR job?

1.2. Education

1.2.1. Can I get into nursing school next year?

1.2.2. What should I focus on neuropsychology or medical

1.3. Cosmetics

1.3.1. Beautiful

1.4. Books

1.5. Movies

2. Gone

2.1. When will I be out of here, this house, this state and what will be the cause?

3. What do I need to change to add where do to get a job at least $20 an hour?