SLA (Second Language Acquisition)

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SLA (Second Language Acquisition) by Mind Map: SLA (Second Language Acquisition)

1. The Power of Game

2. Individual Differences and Classroom Instruction

3. Learner belief

4. Individual Differences in L2 Learning (part II)

4.1. Attitde and Motivation

4.2. Motivation in the Clasroom

4.3. Identity and Ethnic Group Affiliation

5. Language Learning in Early Childhood

5.1. Language Development of Young Children

5.2. Theories Explaining First Language Acquisition

6. Second Language Learning

6.1. Learning Characteristics and Learning Condition

6.1.1. Learner Characteristic Another Language Cognitive Maturity and Cognitive Awareness Anxiety About Speaking

6.1.2. Learning Condition Freedom to be Silent Ample Time Corrective Feedback

6.1.3. Error Analysis

6.2. Language of L2 Learners

6.2.1. Characteristics Language of L2 Learners

6.2.2. Contrastive Analysis

6.2.3. Interlanguage

6.3. Learners' Development of Vocabulary, Pragmatic and Phonology

6.3.1. Vocabulary Repetition Signal Word of The Dya "Talk-through" Strategy with Reading Aloud Academic Vocabulary Journals Graphic Organizer

6.3.2. Pragmatic Authentic Interactive Non Interactive Written

6.3.3. Phonology Word Awareness Responsiveness to Rhyme and Alliteration During Word Play Syllable Awareness Onset and Rhyme Manipulation Phoneme Awareness

6.4. Intelligence

6.5. Individual Differences in L2 Learning (part I)

6.5.1. Aptitude

6.5.2. Learning Style

6.5.3. Personality

6.5.4. Motivation and Attitude

6.5.5. Identity and Ethnic Group Affiliation

6.5.6. Learner belief

6.5.7. Age and L2 Learning

6.5.8. Critical Period

7. Theories Explaining L2 Learning

7.1. Nativist Theory

7.1.1. Acquisition vs Learning Hypothesis

7.1.2. Natural Order Hypothesis

7.1.3. Monitor Hypothesis

7.1.4. Input Hypothesis

7.1.5. Effective Filter Hypo

7.2. Environmental Theory

7.3. Interactionist Theory

8. Learning and Teaching in L2 Classroom (part I)

9. Learning and Teaching in L2 Classroom (part II)

10. Proposal for L2 Learning