Grant Proposal Project Ideas: Concrete Solutions

Community Outreach Grant Proposal Projects

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Grant Proposal Project Ideas: Concrete Solutions by Mind Map: Grant Proposal Project Ideas: Concrete Solutions

1. Ways to directly assist community

1.1. Use grant to establish community center

1.1.1. Rec. center, community garden/farm, park, library, tutoring center, library, space to collaborate/hold meetings/events, etc.

1.1.2. create mentorship, tutoring, and/or support programs with volunteers or professionals

1.1.3. organize daily/weekly activities or events

1.1.4. Distribute resources, materials, etc. to improve population wellbeing Organize food/clothing drives and community distribution

2. Ways to influence laws/policy

2.1. Use grant to create community activism group

2.1.1. Create and manage social media accounts for public outreach, community organizing, event sharing, gathering support/volunteers/members

2.1.2. Partner with other organizations

2.1.3. Distribute/share leaflets, posters, signs, banners, articles, videos, press releases, etc.

2.1.4. Establish a community organizing center

2.1.5. Organize public demonstrations, strikes, sit-ins, etc.

2.1.6. Organize communication and meetings with representatives and law makers

3. Ways to spread awareness or educate community members

3.1. Use grant to create a community program

3.1.1. organize community events, workshops, meetings, classes, etc.

3.1.2. distribute leaflets, brochures, posters, banners, presentations, videos, press releases, etc.

3.1.3. Create and manage social media platforms to gather followers/likes, distribute information, and gather people/volunteers for activities, events, and programs

3.1.4. partner with local organizations, libraries, schools, colleges, universities, rec. centers, etc. to distribute information or signage

3.2. Provide community members access to technology (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.)

4. Ways to make community services & care accessible

4.1. Use grant to establish accessible support services and care for the community

4.1.1. clinics, soup kitchens, shelters, childcare/tutoring centers, adult learning centers, counseling centers, etc.

4.1.2. Provide transportation to services, medical centers, schools, or service centers that are farther away hire buses/shuttles/vans organize carpools

4.2. Organize to build/repair infrastructure such as buildings/houses, cable lines, internet access, clean running water, heating, A/C, roads, sidewalks, bus stops, bridges, etc.