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"THE VELDT" by Mind Map: "THE VELDT"

1. An African Veldt that Peter and Wendy imagine. In the Veldt, the children imagine violent lions, unbearable heat, a "spicy" smell, like paprika, and dry air.

2. Characters

2.1. George

2.1.1. decision maker George decides he wants his family to take a vacation and his family must go along. George decides it's time to turn off the nursery despite his children's resistance.

2.1.2. old head Although George Hadley lives such a luxurious lifestyle, he reaches his breaking point and wants to go back to living simply, with the house shut off, without all of he futuristic technology.

2.1.3. wealthy George can afford to buy his family a very expensive futuristic "Happylife Home"

2.2. Lydia

2.2.1. weak Even though Lydia was not very enthusiastic about her husband's idea to take a vacation, she played along and didn't stand up for what she wanted.

2.2.2. empathetic When she sees her children's distress when their nursery is turned off, Lydia feels empathy towards the children and convinces George to turn it back on for a few more minutes.

2.3. Peter

2.3.1. spoiled Peter doesn't have to do anything on his own, everything is simply handed to him. He has machines to tie his shoes, to take him up and downstairs, and even to brush his teeth.

2.3.2. smart+ manipulative When peter wants the nursery turned back on, he manipulates his mother, taking advantage of her empathy, and convincing her that turning the nursery back on for five more minutes would be no big deal.

2.3.3. dominant Between the two siblings, Peter is the dominant one. He calls the shots. Peter did the talking and convincing when they wanted the nursery turned back on.

2.3.4. not self sufficient As a result of being so spoiled, and not having to do anything on his own, we see peter can't complete simple acts such as painting- he had a machine to do that for him until his father took it away.

2.3.5. not truthful When George asks the kids why they had imagined the Veldt, the children lie and claim hey have no clue what he is talking about.

2.3.6. disrespectful When Peter's father tells him he wants to shut down the house, Peter speaks to his father in a disrespectful, threatening manner, trying to intimidate his father.

2.4. Wendy

2.4.1. spoiled, not self sufficient Just like Peter, Wendy doesn't have to do anything on her own, everything is simply handed to her. She can come and go as she pleases, and eat whatever she'd like- hot dogs and ice cream.

2.4.2. follower Wendy follows her brothers lead,and lets him do most of the talking and convincing. When Peter and Wendy want the nursery turned back on, Wendy takes a step back and barely chimes in.

2.4.3. not truthful When George asks the kids why they had imagined the veldt, the children lie and claim hey have no clue what he is talking about.

2.5. David McClean

3. Settings

3.1. Happylife House

3.1.1. Where the Hadley's live. A futuristic home, equipped with machines that are at the Hadley's beck and call. The house provides for their every need.

3.2. The Nursery

3.2.1. A room in the Happylife House, in which whatever the Hadley children imagine, appears on the walls. The room, includes effects such as scent and temperature.

3.2.2. The Veldt

4. Symbols

4.1. The Lions

4.1.1. The lions symbolize the violence inside of Peter and Wendy's minds. The lions attack their pray ferociously. In addition, the lions can also symbolize power- the lion is the king of the jungle.

4.2. Automated House

4.2.1. The automated house symbolizes the Hadley's luxurious and carefree lifesyle, but also how the house wasn't just a positive thing. The Hadley's enjoyed their lifestyle, yet the house prevented them from being self sufficient, and allowed George and Lydia to be "passive" when it came to raising their children.

4.3. Ice Cream & Hot Dogs

4.3.1. The ice cream and hot dogs symbolize the lack of emotional attention and nurturing that Peter and Wendy receive from their parents. The two foods are unhealthy, and provide no nutritional value whatsoever, yet George And Lydia don't intervene or insist on their children eating nutritious food.

4.4. The Rocket

4.4.1. The rocket symbolizes just how spoiled the Hadley children are. when they don't get to fly their own PRIVATE ROCKET to New York they throw a fit.

5. Themes

5.1. Consequences of technological advancement

5.1.1. The technology used to design the nursery is so advanced, that the lions that are shown in the Veldt, come to life and attack the parents in reality.

5.2. Parenting/ family relationships

5.2.1. The negative effect the technology has on the Hadley's is very bold. It drives them apart- the children depend on their nursery more than they do on their own parents. The children would even KILL their own parents to save the nursery.

5.3. Dissatisfaction

5.3.1. Lydia Hadley doesn't work and is upset, she feels useless George is so unsatisfied that he smokes and drinks too much and the kids are so dissatisfied with their parents that they've found another parental figure- the nursery.