RAMIE Boehmeria nivea

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RAMIE Boehmeria nivea by Mind Map: RAMIE               Boehmeria nivea

1. Care

1.1. Machine washing in cold water on gentle cycle, line drying

1.2. Hand washing in cold water with flat drying - mistly recommended

1.3. Avoid folding the garment

1.4. Avoid heavy pressing

1.5. NB! Follow the care directions on fabric - especially blended fabrics

1.6. Ironing on medium or high heat using stem

2. Processing

2.1. 1-2m long rods are obtained from the plant

2.2. The rods are split lengthwise

2.3. The bark is removed from the wooden core

2.4. The bundles of fibers are found in the bark

2.5. Raw fibres are dried and chemically macerated

2.6. Spinnable fiber is ready

3. Characteristics

3.1. Advantages

3.1.1. Dyes easily

3.1.2. Doesn't shrink

3.1.3. Can be bleached However has naturally white colour

3.1.4. Resistant alkalis bacteria rotting light insect attack

3.1.5. Keeps shape

3.1.6. Absorbent Comfortable to wear in warm weather

3.1.7. Stain resisting

3.1.8. Silky appearance

3.2. Disadvantages

3.2.1. Low elasticity

3.2.2. Wrinkles easily

3.2.3. Stiff

3.2.4. Brittle

3.2.5. Expensive

4. History

4.1. one of the oldest textile fibers

4.2. has been grown in China for many centuries

4.3. it was used in mummy cloths in Egypt during the period 5000–3300

4.4. popularity increased in the mid 1980s with a fashion emphasis on natural fibres

5. Interesting facts

5.1. The outer cloth of “Lazarus” mummy appeared to be ramie toxic to bacteria and fungi ideal textile for mummymaking

5.2. stronger when wet

5.3. three to five times stronger than cotton

6. Types

6.1. The true ramie or China Grass also called Chinese plant or white ramie is the Chinese cultivated plant.

6.2. Green ramie or rhea is believed to have originated in the Malay Peninsula.

7. Ramie is a flowering plant in the nettle family Urticaceae, native to eastern Asia.

8. Main producers

8.1. China

8.2. Brazil

8.3. Philippines

8.4. India

8.5. South Korea

8.6. Thailand

8.7. Taiwan