ADDIE Mind Map

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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE


1.1. Description: Conduct a training needs analysis to identify learning problems, establish learning goals, etc.

1.1.1. Actions: -Conduct focused interviews to identify the learning problem/s. -Identify the skill gaps. -Create learning goals that address the skill gaps. -Identify training delivery methods. -Decide on delivery and deployment time frames. -Consolidate findings in a learning brief.


2.1. Description: Create documents that serve as a blueprint to the developer to create the learning product

2.1.1. Actions: -Create the learning curriculum. -Identify terminal and enabling objectives from the learning goals. -Break down the curriculum into logical modules. -Identify the source content. -Create instructional design maps detailing the terminal and enabling objectives for each module, the flow of topics, the presentation strategies, location of the source content, contact information of the subject matter experts. -Create a schedule to track delivery milestones.


3.1. Description: Create the modules outlined in the design documents created in the Design phase.

3.1.1. Actions: -Leverage the design documents to create the training deliverables in the decided. format (instructor-led training, self-paced, learning, etc. -Collaborate with subject matter experts to create and verify content. -Collaborate with the media team to visualize the content. -Get feedback from stakeholders and course correct, if needed. -


4.1. Description: Ensure that all aspects of executing the training are taken care of, e.g. faculty, classroom setup, etc.

4.1.1. Actions: -Ensure that all material has been approved and signed off on by stakeholders. -Take care of logistics, such as ensuring faculty and classrooms are booked, conducting train-the-trainer sessions, sorting LMS issues if the learning is self-paced, etc. -Gather feedback from end users.


5.1. Description: Evaluation can be formative and summative. It encompasses all phases of the ADDIE Model. Evaluation is constant.

5.1.1. Actions: -Create quizzes, both formative and summative. -Analyze and implement learner feedback. -Deploy training materials.