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Library Website Home Page by Mind Map: Library Website Home Page

1. Catalog

1.1. Instantaneous updates

1.1.1. What's available

1.1.2. What's checked out / applicable fines

1.2. Search

1.2.1. Author

1.2.2. Title

1.2.3. Subject

2. Teacher Sites

2.1. Organized by department

2.2. Ability to search for teacher / subject

3. Link to National Archives

4. Identifies Library Media Specialist(s) and Aides (with hyperlinks to email)

4.1. Information regarding hours of operation, special events, and other news relating to the library itself

5. Relevant Links

5.1. Research sites (encyclopedia, newspaper databases, achives)

5.1.1. New node

5.2. Reference sites (MLA, APA, Chicago, etcetera)

5.3. Government sites

5.4. Online bookstores

5.5. College and Careers

5.6. News sites