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DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP by Vivian and Clare by Mind Map: DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP by Vivian and Clare

1. Health and Wellness

1.1. Have a good posture. CLARE

1.2. Rest your eyes VIVIAN

1.3. Keep hydrated. CLARE

1.4. Make sure that the volume level is appropriate. VIVIAN

2. Commerce

2.1. Do not buy or download any untrustworthy material. CLARE

2.2. Make sure you know what you're buying. VIVIAN

2.3. Look at the price before you buy it. VIVIAN

2.4. Be careful which website you buy things from. CLARE

3. Law

3.1. Be careful not to offend anyone. CLARE

3.2. Don't hack into people's accounts VIVIAN

3.3. Don't download illegal things VIVIAN

3.4. do not damage, change or copy peoples work. CLARE

4. Etiquette

4.1. Be a responsible digital citizen VIVIAN

4.2. Don't use inappropriate language online. CLARE

4.3. Make appropriate decisions VIVIAN

4.4. Be careful what you say.CLARE

5. Security

5.1. Protect your information VIVIAN

5.2. Only talk to people that you know VIVIAN

5.3. Keep your password safe. CLARE

5.4. Don't give out personal information online. CLARE

6. Communication

6.1. Know who you are talking to. VIVIAN

6.2. Make appropriate decisions when facing different community options. VIVIAN

6.3. When you can talk face to face rather than on the internet.CLARE

6.4. Do not offend people. CLARE

7. Literacy

7.1. Learn how to use technology appropriately. VIVIAN

7.2. Learn how to use technology quickly. VIVIAN

7.3. Don't read inapropriate stories.CLARE

7.4. Don't copy information that is copyright. CLARE

8. Access

8.1. Make sure that you are the only one that can access your account VIVIAN

8.2. Don't access people's account VIVIAN

8.3. Don't click remember me on sites. CLARE

8.4. Always log out of sites. CLARE

9. Rights and Responsibilities

9.1. Be responsible with what you do on the computer. VIVIAN

9.2. Only you have the right to use your account. VIVIAN

9.3. Always treat people with respect.CLARE

9.4. You don't have rights to use or access other peoples accounts.CLARE