Digital Citizenship by Cindy and Shiho

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Digital Citizenship by Cindy and Shiho by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship by Cindy and Shiho

1. Commerce

1.1. Make sure that the exchange is legitimate-Shiho

1.2. Don't do illegal activities online-Shiho

1.3. When doing something activities online make sure you know what you are doing. -Cindy

1.4. Make sure you obey the terms and conditions of what you are exchanging or buying online.-Cindy

2. Rights and Responsibility

2.1. Think about the effect it would have if you spread things around on the internet.- Cindy

2.2. Remember to log out of your accounts.-Cindy

2.3. Privacy- Shiho

2.4. Free speech- Shiho

3. Law

3.1. Dont download illegal things.- Cindy

3.2. Make sure you obey the law with everything you download just incase you might get charged.-Cindy

3.3. Don't plagiarise your work-Shiho

3.4. Don't forward chain mails- Shiho

4. Etiquette

4.1. Talk with appropriate language-Shiho

4.2. Report inappropriate behavior- Shiho

4.3. Only write things you would normally write-Cindy

4.4. Make sure you don't write something mean or rude to anyone.-Cindy

5. Comunication

5.1. Only talk to people you know- Cindy

5.2. Don't accept an add from someone you don't know and then start start talking to them.-Cindy

5.3. Don't talk to anonymous people-Shiho

5.4. When you are talking to someone make sure it is really the person that you think you are talking to-Shiho

6. Literacy

6.1. Learn how to use the internet properly- Cindy

6.2. Make sure you know what you are doing on your computer. -Cindy

6.3. People should learn how to use immediate technology- Shiho

6.4. New programs- Shiho

7. Access

7.1. Only access the things that are you suppose to. -Cindy

7.2. Make you know the website you are going to access. - Cindy

7.3. Make sure that the website you are visiting is legitimate and if you're not sure find another website-Shiho

7.4. Fair access- Shiho

8. Health and wellness

8.1. Dont spend everyday on the computer just once in awhile.- Cindy

8.2. When on the computer sit in a good position and don't stare at the screen too long- Cindy

8.3. Take lots of rests-Shiho

8.4. Don't stay on the computer for too long-Shiho

9. Security (self protection)

9.1. Have virus protection-Shiho

9.2. Have back-ups of data-Shiho

9.3. Download software to help block the viruses on your computer. -Cindy

9.4. Put all your important files on a hard drive just incase you get hacked or your computer got a virus.-Cindy

10. New node