Advertising campaigns

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Advertising campaigns by Mind Map: Advertising campaigns

1. Owners and hosts

1.1. Brochures in English and Spanish

1.2. The offer to cooperate - E-mail in English and Spanish

1.2.1. Follow-up e-mail in English and Spanish

1.3. WhatsApp message in English and Spanish

1.3.1. Follow-up message in English and Spanish

2. Real Estate Agencies & Agents

2.1. Cooperation. To consider all the aspects of communication with agents and agencies.

2.1.1. WhatsApp

2.1.2. E-mails

2.1.3. Facebook

3. New clients and tourists

3.1. Advertising campaign

3.2. Mailing to the clients from our database

3.3. Attracting new people to the groups

3.4. Working with the tourism agencies

3.4.1. Messages in: English Spanish Russian

3.4.2. The main instruments: Calls E-mails