Fiscal Stimulus in Japan

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Fiscal Stimulus in Japan by Mind Map: Fiscal Stimulus in Japan

1. Effect on GDP

1.1. Multipler

1.2. Marginal Propensity to Save

1.3. Marginal Propensity to Consume

1.4. Results form similar economies

2. Explaining the recession

2.1. Global Financial Crisis

2.2. Deflation

2.3. Definition of recession

2.4. Data on recession

3. Role of expectations

3.1. Consumer Pesimism

3.2. Business Expecations

3.3. Role of expectations and the multiplier

4. Supplementary Payments

4.1. Who is eligible?

4.2. How big are payments

4.3. How will they be spent?

4.4. How big is necessary to change GDP

5. What have other countries tried?

5.1. Expansionary Fiscal Policies

5.2. Tax changes

5.3. Coupons rather than rebates

5.4. Monetary policy as alternative

5.5. Governement Spending