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1. Input info & choose username

1.1. once account is confirmed, prompt user to sign up for slush pool account, automatically connected via API

1.1.1. slush pool will ask for btc address and to set threshold of frequency for mining rewards.

1.2. Prompt user to pick hosting package(s) payment via btc

1.2.1. Once user chooses hosting package(s) user is then given option to be directed to BlockMinerCo site for hardware purchase BlockMinerCo account will be created via BDT back office link where data is transferred to BlockMinerCo. Only info which is transferred to BMC is username to tie the purchase to the BDT account. BMC account is created and user can purchase machines and has the option to ship device to BDT or input another address. If BMC account is created before BDT account, user has the option to connect the BDT account, again with the ability to know the username of BDT account so we are able to post transaction history in BDT back office. If BMC account is created and they are unaware of BDT, we can offer hosting services, with a link to BDT, or they can input another address where they would like their hardware shipped to.

1.3. KYC/AML??