Teaching with Technology

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Teaching with Technology by Mind Map: Teaching with Technology

1. About Me

1.1. 27 Years old

1.2. My Partner and I are expecting our first Baby on the way

1.3. Born and Bred in Australia

2. Unlimited knowledge

2.1. Children have a vast access to online learning

2.2. Variety in learning styles

3. Communication

3.1. Interactive

3.1.1. Students have opportunities to interact with others online and also work in teams/groups Differential Learning for a variety of students that may have visual/audio/mobility restrictions.

3.2. Parents have access to student classroom updates, activities, events, school programs, curriculum, school newsletters

3.3. Email contacts for parents with other parents and parents with teachers

3.4. Updating any personal contact information; student allergies, cultures, origins

4. Caters for various Learning styles

4.1. Teachers can use programs, resources and have access to this online

4.2. Collaborative and independent opportunities

5. Environmentally Friendly

5.1. Eco friendly on the environment

5.2. Storage/data collection

5.3. Displaying students work for Parents to access

6. 21st Century Teaching with Technology Learning

6.1. Teaching students to use the current technology in today's world. Equipping them for the future in jobs that may not exist now, but will exist in the future with the use of Technology in learning.

6.2. Apps, Interactive learning games

6.3. Mathletics

6.4. Websites

6.5. Reporting for Teachers - School Reports

6.6. Relief Teachers access to teachers program

6.7. Modern Technology engages students- using a classroom management approach

7. What I want to learn more on

7.1. Variety of resources to assist teachers in:

7.1.1. Lesson Planning

7.1.2. Reporting

7.1.3. Task Management

7.1.4. Teacher/Parent communication

7.1.5. Activities

7.1.6. Ideas, creative teaching

7.1.7. Problem Solving for day to day challenges

7.2. Coding

7.3. More exposure to technology myself

8. Technology Devices

8.1. Computers / Laptops / Tablets

8.2. Digital Reading Devices

8.2.1. Kindles (Digital Book Readers)

8.3. Interactive Whiteboards

8.4. Ipads

9. Efficient

9.1. Variety of Resources provides quick access to programs tailored for lessons