Media and Information Literacy

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Media and Information Literacy by Mind Map: Media and Information Literacy

1. Brief History of Media

1.1. it all started in 1920s where its purpose to give people a easier way of communication and it was first used in world war II and now it helps us a easier way to contact our loves ones or some people that are far from us

2. What is media

2.1. it a form where it uses technology or advance enhancement to improve our skills and making things easier to do or to help us to improve and to work

2.1.1. Media as a Information Industry Social Media

2.1.2. Media as a Entertainment

3. The Communication Process

3.1. Sender

3.1.1. the one who creates the conversation or idea

3.2. Message

3.2.1. it is where the information was created

3.3. Channel

3.3.1. this where the message goes through to get on the listener

3.4. Receiver

3.4.1. the one who receive the message and to give feedback and the process repeats

4. Brief history of media

4.1. it all began in 1920s where technology or electronic gadgets where discover to have one purpose to serve as a communication tools to help people to have more better and understanding way of having a conversation to each other also to collect and spread information

4.1.1. Pre-Industrial Age ociety refers to social attributes and forms of political and cultural organization that were prevalent before the advent of the Industrial Revolution, which occurred from 1750 to 1850. Pre-industrial is a time before there were machines and tools to help perform tasks en masse

4.1.2. Industrial Age is a period of history that encompasses the changes in economic and social organization that began around 1760 in Great Britain and later in other countries

4.1.3. Electronic Age Are media that use electronics or electromechanical audience to access the content

4.1.4. Digital Age are any media that are encoded in machine-readable formats

5. Kinds of Media

5.1. Traditional Media

5.1.1. Billboard

5.1.2. TV

5.1.3. Radio

5.1.4. Newspapers

5.2. Social Media

5.2.1. Facebook

5.2.2. Twitter

5.2.3. Instagram

5.3. New Media

6. The Feedback Mechanism

6.1. its purpose is to be able to continue the flow of the process and to keep it going on

7. Media Ownership

7.1. Mainstream Media

7.1.1. traditional or established broadcasting or publishing outlets.

7.2. Alternative/Independent Media

7.2.1. Are media that differ from established or dominant types of media in terms of their content, production, or distribution

7.3. Community Media

7.3.1. Are any form of media that function in service of or by a community.

7.4. State-owned Media

7.4.1. is media for mass communication which is "controlled financially and editorially by the state

8. Understanding Media: Aesthetics of the image,text,audio

8.1. Journalism

8.2. Framing

8.3. News

8.4. Comics

8.5. Magazines

8.6. Photography

8.7. Framing and Listening

8.8. Radio and Evoking Imagination

9. Aesthetics of Film and Tv

9.1. Modes of Film Production

9.1.1. Pre Production work done on a product, especially a film or broadcast program, before full-scale production begins.

9.1.2. Production process refers to the stages (phases) required to complete a media product, from the idea to the final master copy

9.1.3. Post Production work done on a film or recording after filming or recording has taken place.

9.2. Film Formats

9.2.1. Narrative it is where the scriptwriter or author were only using their imagination to create a story

9.2.2. Documentary using real life story and character through the movie

9.2.3. Animation Using Digital or Electronic devices to create a movie like cinderella or spongebob

9.2.4. Experimental

9.3. Motion Framing Concept

9.3.1. TILT

9.3.2. PAN

9.3.3. DOLLY

9.3.4. FOCUS


9.3.6. ZOOM

9.3.7. TRUCK

9.4. Tv Broadcast

9.4.1. Usually televising news and updates through electronic devices or mass communication

9.5. Kinds of Tv shows

9.5.1. Informative it is where to inform all the audiences with the information or idea(Tv patrol)

9.5.2. Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight.

10. Aesthetics of Social Networking

10.1. Kinds of Social Media

10.1.1. Print Based

10.1.2. Audio Based

10.1.3. Photo Based

10.1.4. Video Based

10.1.5. Social Networking Sites