ORG Chart Martin Markiewicz CEO

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ORG Chart Martin Markiewicz CEO by Mind Map: ORG Chart Martin Markiewicz CEO

1. Pranav Naik Chief of Product Officer and Implementation Organisation responsible for customer success - we know what customers want and we deploy it successfully

1.1. SCB Client

1.1.1. Chris Saravanan Client Engagement Manager

1.1.2. Victor Xiaowei Li Product Owner

1.1.3. Gerald Yap Implementation Data Scientist

1.1.4. TBH Warsaw Data Scientist

1.1.5. Veny Villasoto Implementation Engineer

1.1.6. Sridhar Valaboju Implementation Engineer

1.2. BI Client

1.2.1. James Kwok Client Engagement Manager

1.2.2. Paweł Przybyłek Product Owner

1.2.3. Jermyn Bek Implementation Data Scientist

1.2.4. Hong Chen Lee Implementation Data Scientist

1.3. New Customers / Projects

1.3.1. Monitoring Process TBH Product Owner SG

1.3.2. Screening Process TBH Product Owner EU/UK TBH Client Engagement Manager

2. Matthew Leaney Chief Revenue Officer Organisation responsible for our revenue growth

3. Michał Wilkowski CTO Organisation responsible for building scalable & sellable (one size fits many banks) products across multiple vertices (many products for many use cases)

3.1. Darek Majewski Head of Development

3.1.1. Andrzej Haczewski Technical Leader Andrzej Jaromin Senior Developer Tadeusz Kleszcz DevOps Bartosz Martofel Senior Developer Michał Mrówka Senior Developer Marcin Jasiński Senior Developer Mateusz Bartecki Developer Igor Wnęk Linguistics Expert

3.1.2. Karol Lotkowski Technical Leader Marek Mastyło Senior Developer Bogdan Gulowaty Developer Kamil Jaworowoski Frontend Developer Patryk Górski UX and Graphic designer Kamil Dzięcioł Senior Developer

4. Julia Markiewicz Chief Operating Officer Organisation responsible for everything running smoothly

4.1. HR team

4.1.1. Jessica Ng Office Manager

4.1.2. Karolina Strzelczyk HR Manager

4.1.3. Karolina Mingielewicz Recruitment Lead

4.2. Finance and Legal Team

4.2.1. Eric Chua Finance Manager

4.2.2. TBH In House Lawyer