The Internet - What should we keep in mind?

What do we need to keep in mind when we are online?

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The Internet - What should we keep in mind? by Mind Map: The Internet - What should we keep in mind?

1. Be wise online.

1.1. When your older and you put bad stuff on you could get in trouble from the government

1.1.1. Don't do that!

1.1.2. Do what is expected

1.2. You could lose your job or not be able to get a job.

1.3. dont be st

2. No Bullying

2.1. don't say mean things

2.2. be nice to otheres

2.3. dont call names

2.4. act your age

2.5. dont give new people a hard time

3. Inappropriate Sites and Content

3.1. Don't watch bad movies on the internet

3.1.1. If you have to think about if you should watch it don't.

3.2. appropriate pictures

3.2.1. dont look up bad pictures

4. Do What's Right.

4.1. It's bad for you and your relationship with God, if you don't.

5. Think Before You Post Pictures or Words

5.1. About Others

5.1.1. don't lie about someone ever ever It could hurt another person. or yourself Don't lie you might get caught by the police i agree

5.2. About Yourself

5.3. New node

5.3.1. dont do an

5.4. Don't put anything inappropriate on

5.5. dont do any thing innaprppriatewordse

5.6. Don't put embarrassing pictures of friends on the internet if they tell you not to

6. Pretending to Be Someone Else Online

6.1. You can get in trouble by the government if you are older.

6.1.1. New node New node

6.2. Can give you a bad reputation

6.3. Allows you to see stuff that you shouldn't see till your older

6.4. Can hinder your ability to get a job

7. Things Spread Fast Online.

7.1. dont gossip

7.1.1. don't say things that arent true

7.2. really fast

7.3. New node

8. You Can't Get it Back.

8.1. and you also can't lie to another person about what you did because eventually you will get found out.

8.2. it means that you can't take back what you said

9. New node

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