Function of your Crane: To be able to hold and carry heavy items.

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Function of your Crane: To be able to hold and carry heavy items. by Mind Map: Function of your Crane: To be able to hold and carry heavy items.

1. Will it be framed, solid, hollow and combined?

2. Form- What type of structure will it be?

2.1. How long is it?

3. Forces

3.1. How does it resist internal forces?

3.1.1. How does it resist Compression

3.1.2. How does it resist Tension

3.1.3. How does it resist Torsion

3.1.4. How does it resist Shear?

3.2. How does it resist external forces?

3.2.1. How does it resist Dynamic loads? How does it resist Wind? How does it resist Hurricanes? How does it resist Floods?

3.2.2. How does it resist Live Loads?

3.2.3. How does it resist Dead Loads?

3.3. How does it resist Application of Forces?

3.3.1. How does it resist a Hard Magnitude hit?

4. Stability

4.1. Where is your center of gravity located?

4.1.1. Do you have a high or low Center Of Gravity?

4.2. How big is your support base?

4.2.1. Is your support base directly above your center of gravity?

4.3. How does it Resist Structural Failure?

4.3.1. How does it resist Poor Design?

4.3.2. How does it resist Foundation Failure?

4.3.3. How does it resist Faulty Construction?

4.3.4. How does it resist Extraordinary Loads?

4.4. Is your structure Symmetrical?

4.4.1. Did it help you make your structure more stable? Do you have a uneven mass symmetrical structure?

4.5. Is your structure Asymmetrical?

4.5.1. New node

4.6. How is your structure Strengthen?

4.6.1. Are you using triangles in your bridge?

4.6.2. Are you using curves in your structure?

4.6.3. Are you using Ties and Struts in your structure?

4.6.4. Are you using corrugation in your structure?

4.6.5. Did you laminate the material in your structure?

4.7. What type of structural component are you using?

4.7.1. Are you using a beam or Ibeam?

4.7.2. Are you using a arc?

4.7.3. Are you using a girder?

4.7.4. Are you using trusses?