Personal Introduction Map Mio Tam

Personal Introduction Map

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Personal Introduction Map Mio Tam by Mind Map: Personal Introduction Map  Mio Tam

1. Education

1.1. Originally intended to enter pharmacy school, but decided not to go

1.2. Graduated GSU with a Bachelor's in Biology

1.3. Struggled to to develop career goals post-graduation

1.4. Worked as a caregiver in senior memory care and decided to become a nurse

2. Random Facts

2.1. Worked a variety of jobs, including librarian, deli worker, transcriptionist, and more.

2.2. Became a naturalized US citizen when I was seventeen years old

3. Background

3.1. Born in Macao, China

3.2. Moved to United States when I was five years old

3.3. Lived in Atlanta for decades now

4. Family

4.1. Parents worked in a hospital, which inspired my career in medical field

4.2. Have had a pet dog for four years now

5. Hobbies

5.1. Enjoy early morning hikes

5.2. Playing the violin

5.3. Baking desserts for family and friends

6. Career Goals

6.1. Aspire to graduate with Bachelor's in Nursing

6.2. Hope to specialize in critical nursing

6.3. Plan to go back to school and become a nurse practicioner