Baseball In April

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Baseball In April by Mind Map: Baseball In April

1. La Bamba

1.1. Vocabulary

1.1.1. Debut (noun) a person first appearance Pantomime (noun) a drama entertainment made in Roman mime Cue (noun) a thing said to gives sing to a actor it time to enter the play or movie

2. Marble Champ

2.1. Vocabulary

2.1.1. Rummage (verb) search through something; causing colnfusion Hypnotic (adjective) producing or relating to hypnosis Groan (verb) make it a noise when. you feel pain

3. Growing Up

3.1. Vocabulary

3.1.1. Patio (noun) a paved outdoor area outside a house.

3.1.2. Miff (verb) beings annoyed Boredom (noun) the state of feeling bored Connections