Bertha's death

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Bertha's death by Mind Map: Bertha's death

1. Passive Transport

1.1. does not use energy in the form of ATP

1.2. Transports molecules down their concentration gradients

1.3. High ---> low

2. Know

2.1. swallowed a mouthful of Galicide

2.2. Couldn't urinate

2.3. pupils were dilated

2.4. vomiting

2.5. Blood: pH of 6.76

2.6. Deep coma

2.7. no spontaneous breathing

2.8. no measurable heart rhythm

2.9. no measurable blood pressure

3. Need to know

3.1. How much did she take?

3.2. Was the insecticide powder, liquid, or etc.?

3.3. How does it affect cells?

3.4. What is pH? How does it affect blood?

3.5. Are they symptoms of Galicide?

3.6. Cell membranes

3.6.1. Identify specific parts

3.6.2. Functions

3.6.3. Connections with molecules

3.6.4. Connections with macromolecules

3.7. Active transport

3.7.1. Differences between them

3.7.2. Examples

3.8. Passive Transport

4. How can we make a 5 minute presentation that explains how the insecticide affected Bertha's cells?

4.1. pinpoint the exact cause

4.2. explain cause of death to parents

4.3. In such ways the parents understand

4.4. pinpoints the exact cause

5. Active Transport

5.1. uses energy in the form of ATP

5.2. Transports molecules against in the concentration gradient

5.3. low ---> high