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1.1.1. I currently am a senior student at Burnaby South Secondary School. I am an active student, involved and representing multiple clubs.

1.1.2. My favourite class I am taking this year is Social Justice. I am close with the teacher teaching it, so, I feel very comfortable speaking up about my thoughts and opinions in class because she understands where I come from. If anything, we have mutual respect for one another, to which I greatly appreciate.

1.1.3. I have a low A / high B average overall. Though some may say it is good, I would rather like to improve my grades. For example, my Math Foundations class is something I have always struggled with but now I come early to class (7am) for extra help since my teacher offers that option.


1.2.1. I believe I have a strong connection with majority of the teachers at school. With being involved with many clubs, I feel comfortable with almost every teacher I encounter; not afraid to say hello in the hallways. In the Summer of tenth grade I even sang at my PE teacher's wedding with a friend!

1.2.2. I am currently single but I am focusing on trying to create a healthy relationship with myself first.

1.2.3. I have two really strong friends at school. When I don't have any club meetings, we always have lunch together and just talk, helping each other with homework if needed. Our families are now even comfortable each other - them calling my father, "dad" as well sometimes!


1.3.1. In my school's WE Council I am a Senior Executive member but also Junior Executive Co-ordinator, set to scout younger students to their future position on the team. Last year we were able to raise around $6000 to help build a classroom in Ethiopia through our "Teacher's Got Talent" event.

1.3.2. Currently I coach the junior improv team at my school while being a part of the senior team. Both teams compete in the Canadian Improv Games - a national high school competition.

1.3.3. During the school breaks I usually volunteer at the Vancouver Aquarium. Last Summer, overall I spent five week being a junior leader at their kids day camp, Aquacamp!


1.4.1. Every day after school I take a "brain break" by playing piano and / or the guitar. My go-to songs at the moment to play are Almost In Love by Olivia O'Brien and Baby Boy by Kevin Abstract.

1.4.2. The only books I read for recreational use are either Young Adult or Crime Fiction novels. I received Bone Box by Faye Kellerman for Christmas and it is what I have recently been reading.

1.4.3. I am not necessarily good at it but, I write short poems in my spare time. No one except my close friends read them and I have multiple journals filled with my thoughts.


2.1. JOB

2.1.1. Hopefully I pursue my realistic goal of becoming a Social Worker for youth. I have always wanted to help others and I have a soft spot for children.

2.1.2. My dream job is to be an artist - music and acting wise. My friends and I make music on the side right now but I highly doubt it going anywhere to the point it will be my future career. It would be cool if it did, though.

2.1.3. I want a job that will be able to maintain my future family financially but also fulfilling in terms of it filling my morals.


2.2.1. I would like to have two kids. Though, if financially stable, three would be ideal. I have no preference when it comes to gender. However, I have always thought a three year age gap between them would be good.

2.2.2. I would like my parents to live with my family because I want to be able to take of them. However, I'd rather them stay here for the Summers and then in the Winters they can go back to the Philippines because the weather is better then.

2.2.3. When I am of age, I would like to be married and have a big wedding. My ideal age range to get married is mid twenties to early thirties so we would be able to travel together without having to worry so much about our bodies being too old.


2.3.1. I will likely be singing till I die. So, I don't see myself losing my passion for music. If anything, I think I'd like to learn how to play the drums or oboe next.

2.3.2. I have always wanted to go to Australia, so if that plan proceeds, I would like to learn how to surf. I am not physically gifted but I do have a great love for the ocean.

2.3.3. Painting is something I have never been the best at but I've always admired by artist friends. Therefore, maybe I will take more time into honing this craft.


2.4.1. I plan on graduating in June 2020 from Burnaby South Secondary.

2.4.2. I plan on staying local for university, such as UBC or SFU. However, I do want to travel if I decide to continue on in my Masters - possibly Australia.

2.4.3. My general friends from high school I likely will drift away from. But, I intend on keeping close contact with those who are dear to me.



3.1.1. From Kindergarten to second grade I attended Queen Mary Elementary School in North Vancouver. In first and second grade I was the class representative.

3.1.2. From third to seventh grade I went to Twelfth Avenue Elementary School because I moved. I graduated as one of the Outstanding Students and Valedictorian.

3.1.3. For my entire high school career I have attended Burnaby South Secondary. I made many friends here and have found new parts to my identity through the people I have met over the years.


3.2.1. I used to record videos of myself singing High School Musical and the Jonas Brothers and proceed to make my father to upload them to Youtube when I was around seven or eight years old. Since then, the videos have been taken down.

3.2.2. I started piano lessons in the second grade. Eventually, I lost my patience and quit the sit-down lesson by fourth or fifth grade.

3.2.3. I competitive cheerlead for two and a half years at Vancouver Allstars on their half-year program just because my mom wanted me to be more active. I quit in eighth grade when i developed bad asthma.


3.3.1. Even though my last name is the capital of Ireland, my descent is Filipino. There is no Irish blood from what my family knows of.

3.3.2. My mother moved to Canada from the Philippines in 1989, where my dad came in 2000. My parents got married quite late in the game at ages 38.

3.3.3. I have a great-grandmother on my mother's side that is Malaysian. Though it is further down the bloodline, my parents believe she is the reason why I am commonly mistaken as Chinese. As, I have fair skin (for a Filipino).


3.4.1. My parents always described me as outgoing, never shying away from conversation from a young age.

3.4.2. As much as I am energetic, I discovered I can get quite anxious over little things quickly by the time I was sixth grade. I started picking out my eyelashes as a coping mechanism but now I am learning to deal with this better.

3.4.3. Some people enjoyed my loud mouth but at times it would get me in trouble at school, especially in the first grade. I can recall my teacher constantly pointing me out and threatening to call my parents if I continued to talk through lessons.