Biography of Sierra Butler

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Biography of Sierra Butler by Mind Map: Biography of Sierra Butler

1. Important Dates

1.1. Born on Sept. 15, 1989

1.2. Parent's Anniversary is June 30th

1.3. Brother's Birthday was born on March 6, 1992

2. Education

2.1. Elementary School

2.2. Middle School

2.3. High School

2.4. College

2.4.1. Major is Psychology at UCF

2.4.2. Attended Broward College first two years then transferred to UCF

3. Work Information

3.1. First Job at MaxRave

3.2. Abercombie

3.2.1. Employed here during 2011

3.3. IST Lab on Research Parkway

3.3.1. Current work

4. Personal Interests

4.1. Dance and Cheerleading

4.2. Watching Movies

4.2.1. Love Lifetime Movie Network

4.3. Hanging out with Friends