Sourcing Clients

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Sourcing Clients by Mind Map: Sourcing Clients

1. Advertising

1.1. website

1.2. newspaper advertisement

1.3. newsletter advertisement

1.3.1. newsletters of companies in different industries, ex, IT, Skilled trades

1.4. Social media

1.4.1. Facebook

1.4.2. Twitter

2. Networking

2.1. New immigration industry connections

2.2. New non-immigration related connections

2.3. Potential partners for business

2.4. Potential co-counselling opportunities

2.5. New connections with different areas of expertise, i.e., investors or small business experts

3. Referrals

3.1. Postive experiences

3.2. Proven results

3.3. Positive reputation

3.4. From contacts in other occupations, ex., bankers

4. Professional associations

4.1. ICCRC

4.2. Industry associations

5. Owning a Business/Partnership

5.1. Walk-ins

5.2. Referrals within the business from partner whose expertise lies in a different area

6. Word of mouth