Digital Citizenship MM JP

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Digital Citizenship MM JP by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship MM JP

1. LAW

1.1. Don't download illegal/pirated materials. JP

1.2. don't commit plagurism. JP

1.3. if you want to watch a movie/tv show, just buy it, don't try and download it from an online/pirated movie site. JP

1.4. Do not buy illegal goods. MM

1.5. Do not post nudity or pornography on the internet. MM


2.1. make sure you don't read innapropriate stories. JP

2.2. don't trust everything you read unless it comes from a trusted source or you have checked it with other sites. JP

2.3. While researching ensure you use trusted sites. MM


3.1. Stay a healthy distance from the screen MM

3.2. Ensure you don't use your electronics more than necessary. MM

3.3. keep good posture. JP

3.4. make sure you rest your eyes. JP


4.1. Do not give out others information against their will. MM

4.2. treat everyone well. JP

4.3. never cyber bully anyone. JP

4.4. if you are being cyber bullied, tell a trusted adult. JP

4.5. Do not hack other people's account MM

4.6. Don't stalk/pretend to stalk people. JP


5.1. make sure you only give your bank account details to trusted sites. JP

5.2. Don't gamble/promise money that you can't repay. JP

5.3. Avoid buying/selling fake items on Ebay. MM

5.4. Buy only from safe sites. MM


6.1. Make your passwords easy to remember MM

6.2. While making your security questions, do not make them too easy to guess. MM

6.3. make sure you let other people use computers. JP

6.4. don't spend ages playing games on a computer if someone else needs to use it for something more important, eg. homework. JP


7.1. do not use discriminative or hurtful names. JP

7.2. stay polite, don't force people to do things against their will. JP

7.3. There shouldn't use of bad language MM

7.4. Don't send out death threats. MM

7.5. don't give out anyone's private information against their will. JP

7.6. don't put any embarrassing videos/pictures of people on the internet without their permission. JP

7.7. don't tell personal stories about someone to other people against their will. JP

7.8. Don't annoy people too much. JP

7.9. Do post racist or sexist comments. MM


8.1. Do not give out personal information. MM

8.2. never tell anyone your password or private details, eg. credit card numbers, even if they are your friends. JP

8.3. make sure you do not offend anyone. JP

8.4. make sure you always log out of online shopping tools and websites that use your bank account. JP

8.5. only sign up for sites that are trusted. JP

8.6. Do not accept fake giveaways, for example ipods, holidays etc. MM

8.7. beware of phished sites/sites containing malware/viruses. JP

8.8. install anti-virus software. JP

8.9. Avoid clicking "Remember me" in other people's computer. MM


9.1. don't use the internet for private means of communication that you don't want other people to see. JP

9.2. Be courteous while communicating with other via internet. MM

9.3. only post things that you wouldn't mind your friends/parents/relatives to see. JP