FDR's New Deal

FDR's New Deal

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FDR's New Deal by Mind Map: FDR's New Deal

1. The Election of 1932

1.1. What led to the Events of the Election of 1932?

1.2. Hoover vs. FDR-Who Won and Why?

2. The First 100 Days

2.1. The Three Steps-Relief, Recovery, & Reform

2.2. Banks, Fireside Chats, & New Gov't Agencies

3. The Second New Deal (1935-1939)

3.1. Recessions of 1937/1938, More Gov't Agencies, & Public/Constitutional Concern

3.2. Was the New Deal Successful? What Event Pulled the US out of the Great Depression?

4. Video 2-History Brief

5. Video 1-Election of 1932